10 November 2010

The Secret to Happy Winter Hair!

Many of us are aware of the hair troubles caused by the Summer, like the effects of the sun's damaging rays, the chlorinated pool water, and so on. However, we often fail to consider the damage caused to our hair during the Winter months. There are many factors which can lead to damaged hair during Winter.

We are here to point out some of these factors, give some pointers to help avoid damage and to recommend some products which will help you on your voyage to happy winter hair.

So with Winter now upon us, here are some things for you to consider to help keep your hair happy and healthy. After all, prevention is better than cure!

Reasons why our hair may become damaged during Winter:

  • With Winter comes dreaded wind and rain. With wind and rain comes tangled, messy hair! Although the rain won't directly damage our hair, the fact that we will probably feel the need to blow dry it and fiddle with it more often will. The same goes for the wind; if our hair gets tangled, we have to somehow detangle it without causing too much damage which is easier said than done!
  • The desire to dye our hair darker during the Winter months = dry and brittle hair... unless we take the right steps to avoid this and keep our hair moisturised!
  • Hat hair!! Hats are a great way of keeping warm during the Winter but they are not so great for the condition of your hair! Wearing hats will cause friction against your hair and therefore damage the hair cuticle which will lead to frizzy and very fragile hair. However, if we use the right products and treat our hair well, we can have healthy hat hair!
  • The unavoidable issue of indoor heating! Just as hair dryers and other heat appliances which we often use on our hair can cause damage, so can central heating. We often notice that our skin becomes more dry as a result of constant indoor heating so spare a thought for your hair too! Although we can't avoid this situation, we can improve it by using the right products to maintain our hair's natural balance of moisture.
  • Static caused by those wooly jumpers is another problem we face during the Winter. Certain fabrics will cause static charge when rubbed against our hair but fear not, you don't need to completely avoid those jumpers this Winter as there are products out there which can help to neutralise the static charge in our hair.
Enough of the boring stuff, let's look at ways to keep our hair happy in the Winter:
  • So, to avoid the rain... use an umbrella rather than a hat/hood where possible to avoid friction against hair. To tackle the tangles caused by the wind:
  1. Use a product before or after styling which will smooth the hair cuticle to help fight frizz and tangles throughout the day. We recommend Milkshake Hair No Frizz Glistening Serum. This product will help to keep your hair smooth even when it's really windy. It also protects hair from heat styling products!
  2. Use a leave-in conditioner so that you can comb through your tangled hair easily with less chance of causing damage. We recommend Macadamia Hair Nourishing Leave-In Cream Natural Conditioner.
  • Some ways to avoid static charge in hair:
  1. Deep condition hair on a regular basis (try one of the previously mentioned deep conditioners).
  2. Try to avoid products which contain harsh chemicals such as 'sodium lauryl sulfates' as these dry out hair and lead to static charge.
  3. Use a frizz-eliminating spray to calm hair before going out, for example: Milkshake Hair No Frizz Glistening Spray.
Just remember to keep your hair fully moisturised and use products which suit your hair to keep your hair happy during these harsh Winter months!

Picture by *Zara on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Licence!