19 August 2010

How to Boost Your Roots

If you have fine and lifeless hair, follow these simple steps to help boost your roots and give your hair more volume!

Some are blessed with naturally thick and full bodied hair but for those of us who aren't, all is not lost. It's easier than you think to give your hair a thicker look...

Washing Your Hair

  1. Don't wash your hair too often! Shampooing too often upsets hair and over time it will lose its natural bounce.
  2. On days when you do wash your hair, use a good shampoo and conditioner which will not weigh down your hair and will actually give your hair extra body. Keratin Complex Care Shampoo the perfect shampoo for chemically treated hair that needs extra care to restore its natural beauty. Care shampoo is a professional shampoo which will add body and volume to your hair whilst giving it a deep, but gentle cleanse! A perfect conditioner to help boost your roots is: Milkshake Volume Solution Conditioner. This conditioner is formulated to restore strength and vitality whilst thicken your hair from root to tip and will leave your hair beautifully bouncy and healthy looking.
  3. Try to avoid washing your hair on the day of styling as hair tends to hold volume and style better when it is not freshly washed.

Tips for Styling Your Hair

  1. When blow drying hair, flip your head upside down to add volume and massage your scalp whilst drying to give lift to those roots.
  2. Use a large vent or round brush when blow drying to boost the volume.
  3. Gently ruffle hair with your hands after blow drying to give it some life again.
  4. If your hair is still flat, scrunch hair with a thickening mousse. Try Montibello Densi Volume Treatment Mousse. This mousse will boost every strand of hair and will add amazing volume which will stay with you all day!
  5. To seal this style, blow dry on a cool setting.

Bonus Hair Boosting Product

Milkshake Lifestyling Hair Styling Potion. This could be the answer to your prayers. Say goodbye to fine and lifeless hair! Whatever condition your hair is in, use this secret potion to add a brilliant boost to your hair. This product leaves hair natural and healthy whilst adding priceless volume!

Picture by Luciano Consolini on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Licence!

18 August 2010

The Ins and Outs of Split Ends

So many of us suffer from split ends but don't know the causes or ways to prevent the problem. When the cuticle is damaged and the cortex unravel, we get the dreaded split ends. But nevermind the technical talk, we want to know what we're doing wrong and what we can do to help solve the problem!

So, what are the common causes of split ends?
Well basically, when our hair is dry and brittle, the ends split. Common causes of dry/damaged hair and therefore hair with split ends are:
  • Excessive heat styling
  • Bad quality hair brushes/combs
  • Lack of good hair conditioning (with a good quality conditioner)
  • Rough treatment of hair (for example, harsh towel-drying)
  • Over colouring

What can we do to prevent/cure split ends?

As far as a cure is concerned, we are pretty much out of luck. The only solution to get rid of existing split ends is to get a hair cut. However, we can prevent split ends. Here are some tips to help you out:
  • Try not to scrunch your hair up too much whilst washing to help avoid tangles.
  • Use a good quality, preferably professional, conditioner.
  • Comb through a leave-in-conditioner after washing hair on occasion.
  • Brush/comb hair very gently (especially when wet) to avoid breakage.
  • Don't use heat appliances too often and when you do, use a good thermal protection product.
  • Have your hair cut regularly to remove split ends.

Recommended products to help with split ends:

Now go fight those split ends!

Picture by *Zara on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Licence.

16 August 2010

5 Ways to Keep Your Coloured Hair Healthy

As we all know colouring our hair has its down sides. Colour can leave hair dry and damaged and often the colour fades faster than we want it to. So here are 5 top tips to care for your hair and to keep your hair healthy and rich in colour...

1. Don't forget to protect your hair in the Summer. Summer is a tough time for coloured hair, especially if the Sun is shining. Sun doesn't only dry out and damage your skin, your hair is also at risk (especially if it's coloured)! So just as you would apply sun cream to your body, use a  hair beauty product which will protect your hair from the sun's rays. Try Milkshake Summer Hair Beauty Mask, designed to replenish your hair's natural softness and beautiful shine. Simply apply this product to damp, clean hair and rinse thoroughly for hair that's protected against sunshine and against the chemicals in the swimming pool water.

2. Use a good shampoo which will give your coloured hair plenty of moisture! How about Montibello Colour Lock Shampoo, a gentle shampoo that nourishes hair by locking in moisture that will help to keep the colour lasting longer by keeping your hair healthier.

3. Use a professional conditioner which is specifically aimed at coloured hair. I would recommend to anyone who has colour treated hair to try using Milkshake Colour Maintainer Conditioner. This conditioner promotes healthy and vibrant coloured hair. Use this conditioner to leave hair stunningly shiny and easy to style whilst enhancing the beautiful colour in your hair.

4. If your coloured hair is dry and damaged, use a good quality hair care product to treat it and bring it back to life. Milkshake hair repairing system. is easy to use and provides professional results when it comes to restoring the damage caused by hair dye.The ingredients in Milkshake Hair Repair System care for your hair from root to tip to care for your colour and to provide the necessary moisture and nourishment for hair with body and natural control and shine. Use this hair beauty product as a nourishing treatment for your hair. Apply to damp hair and leave it to work its magic for 5 minutes (leave for longer the more damaged the hair) before rinsing for healthy, lively hair!

5. One final tip is to try and avoid using hair dryers, straighteners or curling tongs after every wash. This is known to dry out and damage any hair, so be extra careful if you colour your hair. Whenever possible, leave your hair to dry naturally. If your hair is too wild to leave in its natural state, why not use a mousse or another good quality product on damp hair which will lightly tame your hair and cause no further damage. A perfect hair beauty product for this is Milkshake Lifestyling Sparkling Glaze Mousse.

Remember... the healthier you keep your hair, the longer you keep your colour!

Picture by jkuttarkabat on Flickr, used gratefully under a Creative Commons Licence!

4 August 2010

How to Tame Your Frizzy Hair!

Are you tired of spending morning after morning styling your hair only to see it ruined the minute you step out of the door? Well you're not alone! Frizzy hair affects all types of hair, be it curly, wavy, kinky or even straight. But don't fret, there are several ways to fight frizzy hair!

So what causes our hair to frizz?

Well unfortunately, it may just be the case that frizzy, coarse hair is in our genes. What we consider to be frizzy hair is often a result of dry, brittle hair. However, there are many other factors which cause or worsen frizzy hair. So let's tackle this problem head-on! I will list several factors which lead to frizzy hair and then go through some tips to help prevent or cure these problems.


1. Lack of protein and moisture in the hair can lead to frizziness.

2. Humidity in the air.

3. Excessive use of heat appliances on the hair (hair dryers, hair straighteners).

4. Hair that is damaged from colouring can cause frizz.

5. Certain products which contain high levels of alcohol, for instance hairsprays, mousses and gels.

6. Daily mistreatment of hair (i.e. over brushing, brushing roughly and fiddling with hair).


1. Use a good deep cleansing shampoo designed to strip away dirt and open the hair cuticle leaving it ready to fight frizz. Try Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo specifically aimed at frizzy hair for sleek and beautifully smooth hair.

2. Use a conditioner aimed at dry and damaged/frizzy hair. Try Keratin Complex Care Conditioner. This conditioner will detangle your hair and leave it with a natural shine.

3. Try to avoid washing your hair every day! Your hair contains natural oils which are essential for keeping your hair healthy and shampooing too often means your hair will lose this. Shampooing every day will also result in your hair's natural defence mechanism over compensating for its loss of natural moisture, therefore making your hair more greasy throughout the day. Natural oils will reduce frizz!

4. Be gentle when brushing your hair; tease knots out rather than tugging them as this will break hair making it appear frizzy. Also try to pat your hair dry with a towel after washing rather than rubbing it with the towel as this can damage your hair.

5. If you have coloured hair, make sure you use shampoo and conditioner which will treat dry damaged/coloured hair. Try Keratin Complex Colour Care Shampoo and Keratin Complex Colour Care Conditioner.

6. Use products which will help to tame your frizzy hair. Try Milkshake No Frizz Glistening Milk for soft hair which is easy to manage without frizz. Use Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy to thoroughly nourish your hair and to protect it against heat appliances.

Picture by Tessss on Flickr - Used kindly under a creative commons licence!