16 August 2013

Hair Care Profile : Montibello Hair Products

Where it all began

Montibel·lo is a family company founded in Barcelona in 1967 with a vision to create and innovate some new product lines focused on hair care at a professional level.

Montibello offers a great technological capability and a great will to expand and which, by the hand of all its excellent team, intends to continue in this ambitious line of development and growth which has defined it from the very first day.

The Brand

The core values that differentiate this family business are based on professional exclusivity, proximity to the customer, commitment to education and advanced research. How does this affect you? It means that you are getting something really special. This clear vocation has caused Montibel·lo to become an absolute reference in the general professional beauty market, Montibello has already become the best known Spanish Professional Cosmetics brand both nationally and internationally.

The Range

Montibello's hair care products are of an extremely high quality, consisting of wonderfully fresh ranges that hold total beauty at their core. Based around the strength of their beliefs; education and technical excellence and made famous by the quality of their hair dye (swatch perfect colour)! Montibello have gone for a fairly aggressive pricing strategy in order to grab your attention, it's a great product that goes the distance with some of the more expensive haircare ranges yet it is introducing itself into the U.K. as easily affordable. With the added bonus of appearing in sleek and refined packaging Montibello are sure to win their way into the hearts and minds of Salon clientelle countrywide... grab it while it's hot!

The Colour range - excellent treatment, total care of the hair fibre.
Montibello are offering not one, but two! fantastic hair colouring ranges that allow you to obtain colour tones full of luminosity and shine and excellent coverage of grey and white hair. Cromatone actually treats your hair whilst colouring it, which enables intense shades and highlights and an even colour from roots to ends. Oalia is an odour and ammonia free permanent hair colouring range which is a lot kinder to your hair and skin, meaning a lot less cases of irritation.

Here we have Montibello's answer to the every day haircare treatment that goes on in our homes. The TREAT range is an effective professional treatment that responds well to the specific needs of each hair and skin type. This range is largely focused on maintaining hair colour and vigour whilst offering solutions varying from volume boosting solutions to total repair and rescue of the more damaged hair fibres. It even offers two separate hair loss treatments that target the cause of hair loss and actively work against each type of hair loss. There is unfortunately no chelating shampoo but there are rumours that this is in the pipeline.. let's just wait and see.

HDs Styling - a comprehensive range of products that are designed to give definition, hold texture and shine, that will protect and treat the hair whilst creating any style with a perfect finish. Have a sneaky peek!

Gold Oil range

The Gold Oil range is as hard hitting with benefits as the other big players in the hair oil market, it prides itself on it's instant results and it's unique mixture that combines the essence and benefits of Argan & Amber Oils. It gets the Specialist "Thumbs up!"

What to get excited about: 

Colour Reflect is a pioneering colour intensifying hair treatment that comes in the form of a range of shampoos. They enhance the colour of your hair and the intensity of your highlights with a great diversity of different shades. Available in red, purple, brown and copper, including: the light up version designed to remove undesired hues in bleached/streaked hair.

Salon Support - The Salon support these guys are offering is exceptional. They have a dedicated technical adviser who's happy to assist with technical product queries and demonstrations, Montibello's commitment to eduction is second to none.

What we think:

There's a reason why Montibello is one of Spain's most popular haircare ranges. By placing a lot of focus on maintaining and repairing the hair follicle throughout the brand (even in the colours) Montibello earns recognition as a big league player, it's stylish, sexy, chemically brilliant and extremely good value. We love Montibello so much and we know you'll feel the same!

Specialist Hair Supplies - Official Suppliers of Montibel.lo Hair Products

14 August 2013

Montibello's Gold Oil Essence - First Impressions

Gold Oil Essence - Liquid Gold

When I was first asked to try Montibello's Gold Oil Essence I was naturally very excited, because hey, who wouldn't be!? I'm a big fan of hair oils and let's be honest, how did anyone ever survive without them? Ever since the hair oil explosion a couple of years ago with Macadamia and Argan Oil bursting onto the scene like Lady Gaga and Nicky Minaj in their hotpants; we all had plenty of chance to try at least a couple, so as you can imagine I was over the moon when the opportunity presented itself. (If you don't know what I'm talking about then please keep reading... it's for your own good)  ;)

Let me tell you that Montibello Gold Oil Essence is one of the big boys. First, just like the amber cane in Jurassic park, it grabs your attention like a sleeping giant in golden packaging. A very luxurious experience from start to finish. All the benefits of Amber oil and Argan oil combined into one beautifully presented neat little package!

You know you're in for a treat as soon as you open the lid, it smells so nice that I wanted to pour it all over me (luckily there's a nozzle) ;) That'll be the Amber Oil then.

Once I'd composed myself enough to wash and condition my hair (it works best when applied to damp hair) I rubbed the Gold oil essence into my hair concentrating on the mid lengths and ends. I quite like the fact that it absorbed instantly and my hair felt light and clean. Then much like any other oil or leave in treatment I combed it through and continued with my haircare routine. 

Over the years, like most of you, I'm sure, I quickly found out that you can also use hair oils as makeshift de-tanglers and once again Montibello's Gold Oil didn't disappoint, it helped me tame my mane in a calm controlled manner. Gold Oil Essence made my hair soft, shiny and smooth and you know what, I wasn't confronted with the post hairdryer frizz that I have grown accustomed to! Bonus!  

Montibello Gold Oil Essence 30mlLike me, some of you may get a little giddy (just a little) so for best effects try not to get over excited and use too much, especially if you have fine hair. It's a fairly viscous oil so go easy to start with and add more in depending on the length and volume of your hair. 

Overall you can't go far wrong with a 30ml sample, it's great. One thing's definitely for sure, Montibello's Gold Oil will be a great addition to anyones travel plans... be prepared for that unexpected visit from the dreaded frizz monster!

Happy travels to you all x

P.S. Don't forget to leave me a comment. I love it when people take the time to leave thoughtful messages because after all, it's fun to chat! 

Montibello's Gold Oil Essence, as seen in this month's Birchbox UK.