13 July 2013

Make your own Salt Spray and Instantly Get the Beach Look

Hairstyle workshop - SALT SPRAY

The post surf / tousled, lived in beach comber look will always be a popular one and with good reason too... how many times have you asked yourself how do I get wavy hair and then reached for your trusty salt spray!? After all, who doesn't like how their hair looks after they've been in the sea?! It's so easy to enhance your natural texture, creating waves by adding salt water to your hair whether it is from the ocean or from a bottle of salt spray. Be thrifty, follow these simple steps and have some fun making your own salt spray!

All you need is:

1 cup of warm water
1tbsp of salt
1tbsp of your preferred gel (any you have at home) or Montibello HDs Wet effect gel
1 tbsp coconut oil
1tbsp of lemon juice (optional) this will enhance the suns lightening powers and help make your hair a little blonder.

How to use your new Salt Spray
Pour the ingredients into an empty spray bottle (re-cycle one of your old one's or pick one up from all good pound stores), mix and then shake well before use!! Apply liberally to wet hair, give your hair, from your roots to your tips a really good covering so that the salt can work it's magic. Now it's time to get your hands dirty and add some waves and tousles to your beach babe look. Do this by taking small sections and twisting them around your fingers, continue by scrunching up your hair and then running your fingers through it in a way that messes it up. Subtlety is key here, you want it to look a little messy but you don't want to end up with a monster on your hands by going overboard with a backcombing. For best effect do not brush it out and allow your hair to dry naturally in the sunshine.

We're always keen to hear about how you get on with our advice so please chat to us and why not send us some pictures to show us your results! For further details see our pin board of hairstyle how to's