7 July 2010

Summer Hair Care Tips - Summer Shampoo

Ah, there we go...it is Summer, at last! Yes, we have been waiting a whole year for Summer and right on cue here it is. The birds are chirping, the waves are lapping and I'm sitting in the office with my hair sticking to my face and a fan blowing warm air in my direction, don't you just love it.

Well, actually I do. Summer is a great time of year, the best infact. When your not slaving away behind a computer, or whatever else you do, Summer is a fantastic time of year. There are holidays to enjoy, pools and the sea to swim in, tans to get and general relaxing to be done. But with all of this good life, must come a negative. That negative is what the Summer can do to your hair.

To put it lightly, Summer hair care can be a night-mare of epic proportions, infact it can be so bad that you spend your days wishing for the cold nights of Winter, and that is never a good thing!

Well, fear not, because in this series of handy, helpful hair care tips we will be blogging about what the Summer does to your hair and how you can counteract the negatives to keep your locks looking as bright and breezy as the weather itself, so without further ado, I introduce the 2010 Summer hair care tips!

Summer Shampoo

So, in this week's Summer hair care tip blog I am going to be looking at the foundation of any hair care routine; that is summer shampoo of course!

So, before we pick some Summer shampoo for you to use, we need to clarify exactly what the Summer season does to your hair so that we can determine the best ways to make sure that your hair doesn't get damaged.

To put it simply, as lovely as the sun is, it can be a bit cruel to your hair. The harsh Summer rays can be damaging on the hair's cuticle. This can result in your hair losing its necessary oils and moisture that keep it healthy and can result in dry and damaged hair. Another side-effect of too much sun on your hair is the most hated of hair hells...frizz! Yes, you heard me right, the sun can turn your hair into a humid frizzy mess.

The other major issue when it comes to Summer is swimming. Swimming is great, but it is important to remember what chlorine can do to your hair. If you have coloured hair then chlorine is probably your worst enemy. Chlorine can discolour hair as well as leaving it prone to breakage.

So now we know what the Summer sun can do to your hair it is time we looked into what Summer shampoo you should be using to keep your hair healthy and beautiful!

Summer Shampoo 1 - Macadamia Moisturising Repair Shampoo

Macadamia Natural Oil hair products are still a relatively new range of hair products. They are made using a natural oil, called Macadamia, as you may have guessed. Macadamia Oil is amazing stuff, and it is no wonder that they have gone all the way to the South Pacific to source it! The natural oil in this moisture repair shampoo ticks all of the right boxes to make it the perfect Summer shampoo. The number 1 plus of this Summer shampoo is that it uses natural oil that works in harmony with your hair's natural oils. It is essential in the Summer that your hair retains its natural oils, and this can mean over-washing is a big no-no but with Macadamia Natural Oil your hair will be cared for in a natural way and will stay looking and feeling healthy.

Buy Macadamia Summer Shampoo - £15.17

Summer Shampoo 2 - Milkshake Colour Maintainer Shampoo

As we mentioned above, Summer can be a bit troublesome if you have coloured hair. Not only will the sun damage your hair colour but the chlorine in swimming pools can cause real problems with hair colour. So, with that in mind we needed a shampoo that is specially designed to care for coloured hair. Milkshake Colour Maintainer Shampoo is without a doubt one of the best shampoos for the job. It is made using natural ingredients and it is gentle to hair that has been coloured. Milkshake Colour Maintainer Shampoo will protect the colour of your hair and gently cleanse your hair to keep it clean, healthy and moisturised. For those of you with coloured hair, this is a must have Summer shampoo.

Buy Milksahke Colour Maintainer Shampoo - £9.89

Summer Shampoo 3 - Urban Tribe Flexibility Shampoo

The third pillar of the Summer shampoo world is a beautiful Summer shampoo that is designed for use on that is dry and damaged. Urban Tribe Flexibility Shampoo is part of an amazing range of hair products that are made by Urban Tribe and Flexibility Shampoo is the one that can repair dry and damaged hair. As we have already said, the Summer can be hell for hair and for many that means dry and damaged hair, so that makes this Summer shampoo choice a no brainer! Urban Tribe Flexibilty Shampoo will restore moisture and nourish your hair so that any cuticle damage caused by the sun will be repaired and your hair's natural beauty restored.

Buy Urban Tribe Flexibility Shampoo - £8.99

So, now you have no excuse, no matter what type of hair you have, there is a Summer shampoo for you. Now, go and enjoy the sun! Next week I am going to reveal the secrets of Summer conditioning! Bye x

Picture by: Richard0 on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Lisence


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