31 October 2010

How to Keep your Coloured Hair Healthy! - These 5 Simple ways

Hair dye is damaging, it is a well known fact that colour damages hair, especially the more abrasive permanent colour. So it is very important to take extra care of your hair if it is being regularly coloured.

Here are a few tips for keeping your coloured hair as healthy and full of moisture as possible...

  1. The single most important thing to remember when going for a hair colour change is to get your hair coloured by a professional!! A good hair stylist / hairdresser knows exactly what they are doing, hair is their livelihood, they are paid good money to know about hair and colour hair styles and have been trained to use the harsh chemicals safely. Healthy hair is important for lasting style and a good stylist knows this! What's more they are using professional products that are a lot less harsh on the natural collagen fibers in the hair. So, please, please, please visit a stylist and get your hair dyed by a qualified professional rather than doing it D.I.Y. style at home in your bathroom sink.
  2. Secondly I would recommend that you don't wash your hair too often. Shampoo is designed to strip the hair of dirt and impurities... this unfortunately includes your hair colour as well. Over washing will strip the hair of its natural, essential moisture which is vital in maintaining lasting rich colour tones.
  3. Use a leave-in conditioner when combing through wet hair as this will help to detangle and offer lasting protection by locking in moisture that will ultimately keep your hair in good shape.
  4. Take extra care brushing or combing through your hair when it is wet. Colour treatments make hair brittle and it will therefore break and split very easily, this is especially true of wet hair.
  5. Use good quality, professional products on your hair to ensure moisture and lively colour.

Here are some top professional products which we recommend you try on your coloured hair...

Coloured hair Shampoo

Coloured hair Conditioner

Coloured hair Treatments
Coloured hair Style

Follow these steps and try out some of these brilliant, professional products for coloured hair with maximum moisture!

Picture by spettacolopuro on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Licence.

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