9 October 2010

Perfect Hair Products for Perfect Hair Styles!

Whether you want straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair, we are here to help you find the right products to give you the best possible results!

Many of us try all the brands that the supermarkets sell but still don't get the results we want. So we are going to suggest some professional hair beauty products which will not be found in the supermarkets or on the high street. These are top of the range professional products and although they may cost you a little more, they are well worth it! The phrase reassuringly expensive comes to mind.

For Straight Hair...

For Curly Hair...

Stuck for inspiration?? Then why not have a look at our Curly hairstyles board

For Wavy Hair...

  • Milkshake No Fat Daily Shampoo. Gently cleanses hair, leaving it revitalised and ready to be styled.
  • Urban:Tribe Texture Conditioner. This conditioner adds volume to fine or lifeless hair. Great for controlled waves.
  • Milkshake Yogurt Mask. A conditioning treatment for hair that is dry and damaged or just in need of a treat! This will leave your hair in wonderful condition with a beautifully healthy shine.
  • Milkshake Hair Lifestyling Shaping Foam. Perfect for manipulating your hair to whatever shape you want. Gives hair a real boost, adding valuable volume! Use this product for hair that will keep its shape and shine all day long.


Picture by Brent Borreson on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Licence!

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