18 December 2009

Fudge Skyscraper Hair Spray Review - pocket size edition!

Everyone is going on about Fudge. Fudge this and Fudge that. Fudge is a brand of hair products that is used in salons by the 'professionals'. They do a wide range of different hair products and are particularly well known for their massive range of hair styling products.

Skyscraper is one of these, it is a hair styling spray. Fudge say that this is a medium hold hairspray that is perfect for 'finishing the job'. So, if you are looking to create a style that stays put with a light hold, then this should be the product for you.

The first thing I have to say about Fudge Skyscraper is that it comes in a lovely can! Fudge seems to have a great attention to detail, and if the packaging is anything to go by then this will be a wonderful product.

Another great thing about this spray compared to others on the market is that it won't choke you with toxic tasting fumes. True, you won't want to spray it in your mouth but the air doesn't turn hazardous when you are using it.

Now for the important part, how it works. Well, it is super easy to apply and will spray onto pre-styled hair with no fuss. You can tweek and puff your hair to add volume or pull to create the definition. This spray is light and rather supports your hair as opposed to locking it. This is great for a style that looks natural and feels light.

This certainly is a class act and my hair was held lightly and confidently for the whole of the evening, in fact I must admit, I have since purchased a can for my collection at home and it has found a permanent place in my hair product cupboard! A great place to start our reviews!

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