15 January 2010

Brush Your Hair Like A Pro!!

I've just washed and dried my hair, now what?!

It's all very well washing your hair with the finest shampoo, nourishing it with the best quality conditioner and then drying with the fastest and frendliest hair dryer, but it's no good if you completely ignore one of the most important, yet simple, tools of the hair stylist. The humble hair brush!

Hair brushes have been around for donkey's years, since at least 1777 in-fact. So, if our ancient ancestors though it was important to brush their hair, you should as well.

There are loads of places you can buy a run of the mill hair brush, Boots, Superdrug, you name it, they have a hair brush or two. But what if you want something a little more special. Something that is made with loving care.

Have you ever wondered where the hair stylist at your local salon gets their all singing, all dancing hair brush from. My, with hair brushing seeming so important, it's starting to feel like we should spend some considerable time picking the best ones. So , that's what we are going to do.

The Originals:

Well, first of all there are the original, 1777, hairbrushes: Kent Hair Brushes, Well, they are well established, and this must be for a good reason. The great thing about this website is that there is an amazing collection of brushes, all with different uses in mind and all made for different types of hair and style.

Inevitably, these brushes can be quite pricey, but you tend to pay for the pedigree and fine quality. For those of you who are after something particularly special, I would defiantely reccomend this.

Hair Brush For The Professional:

Ever wondered where you stylist gets their styling tools from? Well, ussually stylists go must go through to official hair product suppliers who are authorised to supply different brands. These brands will be ones that aren't available on the high street, meaning the meer mortals must fight to get hold of some of the best products.

Thankfully, Termix hair brushes, used by salon professionals, are available for you and me! There ais a fantastic range of these brushes, all look modern, feel wonderful to use and are specialised in size and style of bristle to take care of different types of hair.

So, if you have hair that is a little fragile, there is a Termix brush for that, or if you have hair that is thick and curly, there is a brush for that. We are more middle of the road kind of people, and we want to please everyone, so our pick is the Termix Salon Hair Brush for normal hair.

As we said before, the great thing about Termix brushes is that they are modern, meaning they have modern features like fast drying, heat resistant for when blow drying and they will last you a very long time. Add this all up and get a very reasonable price and it is hard to turn this down.

And Finally:

Our final pic from the plethora of brushes out there is Head Huggers brushes. I only came across these today online, and sadly haven't had a chance to try them, but they look great!

These brushes are said to 'hug the head' because of their unique shape, meaning that you can add extra volume to your style. If it works, that is great news. I'd be willing to give these a go so why not check them out!

So, this has only been a very quick journey through the world of hair brushes, but if you have any more experience of the brush world why not let us know in a quick comment and we will check it out!

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