15 March 2010

How To Get Hair Like...Audrina Partridge

Over the hills and far away are the secrets for you to have a good hair day. That's right, they might be rich, they might be pampered and filmed all day long but there is no reason why you can't use a little bit of magic to get hair as beautiful as the girls in the hills. This week we have picked the sleek dark hair of Audrina Partridge to try and emulate and here is how we did it.


Audrina constantly has a beautiful deep, dark colour to her hair. The first thing you need to do is bring out the dark, smooth tones in your hair. For this we use a shampoo that is designed especially for brunette hair. We have chosen Toni&Guy's Dark Brunette Shampoo. It is from Boots and is an easy product to get hold of. Even though this is only an 'off the shelf' shampoo we were impressed with its quality and its promise to 'add shine' was a fair claim. The shampoo isn't too strong and will simply enhance the dark tones in brunette hair.


The main element of Audrina Partridge's hair is perhaps its amazing, seemingly never ending shine! It is the shine that stops people in their tracks and makes her hair noticible for all of the right reasons. There are plently of ways to ensure good shine in your hair but we want lasting shine that will last the whole day. Our advice is to start with a really good quality conditioner.

Only last week we were telling you how important a good quality conditioner is. It is always worth spending the money on a good conditioner for your hair and this is truer than ever now. We have been using a bit of a special product called Voila Color Kult. Color Kult is a specialist conditioner for brunette hair and it is an amzing product. This conditioner is infused with colour which will add to the tones in your hair already.

As well as dealing with colour, Color Kult is also a great quality conditioner. Your hair will be left silky smooth and most importantly; shiny!


WAIT! Don't touch the straightening irons yet. One of the biggest mistakes women make when they want to achieve the 'Audrina Partridge look' is to get the irons out and straighten the living daylights out of their hair. Yes, you can use irons to straighten your hair, but it is not the be all and end all. Before you even look at the heated irons, there is a strict regime to follow.

Only after you have properly washed your hair and conditioned it with a good quality conditioner should you move onto the straight stage. Before using any kind of heated tool on your hair you should make sure you protect it. For straightening irons there are hundreds of good quality products on the market that will protect your hair from damage by using tools.

For this job we want a spray which will add protection as well as promoting frizz free, shiny locks. We went for Milkshake No Frizz Glistening Spray, a natural hair spray that will protect against damage from heat tools. The great thing about this heat protecting styler is that it adds a beautiful glisten to your hair, perfect for achieving the Audrina look.


  • Use a shampoo that works with the tones in your hair to deepen your colour

  • Follow shampoo with a good quality conditioner to prepare your hair for shine!

  • Protect your hair before going near straightening irons

This is quite a simply style but there are important steps to follow. The most important thing for smooth, frizz free hair is that it is healthy, this means not too much straightening with irons and using good qualitys products!

Picture: Used Under Creative Commons Licence

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