11 March 2010

Haircare Profile: Milkshake Hair Products Will Change Your Life!

Milkshake are considered by many in the industry as a "best kept secret". Chances are you have never heard of Milkshake hair products, and we can't blame you. A quick search around the net reveals that you won't really find anything on Milkshake (or Milk_Shake as they are often called) unless you actualy type in the name. This isn't good, we think Milkshake are products worth sharing, so this secret shall no longer be kept. Your salon knows about Milkshake, now, so shall you!

Where it all began

Milkshake hair products are a range of haircare products developed by a rather fashionable little outfit called Z:One Concept. Z:One Concept are based in Italy and have been in business since 1999. They grew very quickly and soon became held in very high regard among salon hair professionals who began to take on their products and be very impressed with them.

Milkshake is one of Z:One Concepts best known brands in salons, alongside two of their other very successful ranges: Urban Tribe and Simply Zen. Z:One Concept have always specialised in selling products to professional salons and so have not taken any efforts to sell in shops, they want to keep thier products exclusive to salons, and that is fair enough, but we still think you should know about them.

The Milkshake Brand

Like all ranges, Milkshake hair products have a very definite style and brand image. They are marketed as a range of gentle and most importantly natural hair products. The images used the market the range show shots of models who use very little makeup and use their natural beauty to full effect. Poster images a genreally all shot either in locations such a fields and clean white areas to give a clean, gentle and enviornmentally friendly image to the range.

The range, like the name suggests, uses milk protein as its main ingredient. This means that Milkshake can be sold as a range of natural hair products. Because the natural products are all gentle, they are generally targeted at caring for coloured hair. Coloured hair is a big part of the Milkshake range, which includes a wide variety of hair colours, available strictly only to salon professionals. Salon visitors can however purchase the Milkshake colour maintainer range which is designed to be gentle on coloured hair but give the same levels of cleansing and conditioning you would expect from perhaps a more chemically obtrusive hair product.

The Range

The Milkshake range is split into different sections: Like any good haircare range this begins with the Shampoos and conditioners, built around the cornerstone of the aforementioned Colour Maintainer range. There is a No-Frizz range which as you might expect is designed to fight the evils of frizz. There is a selection of treatments including the very popular milk mask and yogurt masks (we love them in the office!). Then there is the Lifestyling range which is Milkshakes hair styling range. All in all the range available to consumers consists of about 30 products covering pretty much all hair care needs at a basic level, the specialist hair care products tend to focus on coloured hair.

What's It Like?

So, the big question; what is the range like? Well, very good to put it simply. Our favourites in the office are the Colour Maintainer Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Active Milk and Active Yogurt Masks. We have found that Milkshake have been particularly popular with those of us who are concerned with using too many chemicals on our hair. Milkshake is gentle and kind to hair, sometimes it can be too gentle and some of the styling products are beaten hands down by brands like Montibello, but then Milkshake don't always specialise in this kind of product.

All in all, Milkshake does a very good job. If you have coloured hair you can do a lot worse than using Milkshake hair products. The pricing is very reasonable and all we want now is for this wonderful, natural range to get a bit of media coverage and we are sure it will take off in a very big way!

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