11 March 2010

Condition Your Hair Like A Pro! Our Top 5 Tips

Conditioning your hair might sound like an everyday kind of task yet there are certain nuances that will allow you to take it to the next level... You shampoo and then you condition, that's the routine and it never changes... But wait! We know that a lot of the ladies out there don't put nearly enough thought into conditioning their hair. Conditioning is very important, and I am here to show you why. Don't just think of hair conditioning as an after thought, plan your hair regime around your beautifully soft and healthy hair and you will not regret it! See, look how happy your hair can be ;)

Photo: David365
    1. If you are looking to save money, save it on the shampoo. Don't get me wrong, having a good quality shampoo and a top quality conditioner at the same time is an excellent thing, but if you have to make cuts somewhere, make them on the shampoo. A good quality hair conditioner will make up for the losses you are making on shampoo, but try it the other way around and you could be left with a dried out mess in weeks. So, tip 1, condition with a good quality conditioner, even if you have a standard shampoo.

    2. Don't just slap a palm full of conditioner in your hair and work it in like you would with shampoo. All you need is a small amount of conditioner. Then apply it to your hair gently, working it down the length of the hair. We suggest you use a comb to gently work the conditioner right along the hair to the tip, don't force the comb through your hair though, let the conditioner smooth it out slowly, there is no rush when conditioning.

    3. Avoid the root of the problem! Conditioner is designed to work on the length of the hair, not the roots. There is no point in spending time working conditioner into the roots, that is the work of shampoo. Just concentrate along the length of the hair. Working conditioner into your roots will only clog up your style and leave your hair looking lacklustre.

    4. Timing is important. The optimum amount of time to leave conditioner in your hair varies from person to person, but there are general rules of thumb to follow. If you are just taking care of your hair in your normal routine, then leaving the conditioner in your hair for 2-3 minutes should be long enough for the conditioner to work its' magic. If your hair is particularly dry and in poor quality you may want to leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes before washing out. If your hair is very badly damaged it is time to use a hair treatment mask. Masks are best described as intensive conditioners and are designed to be used on a weekly basis, follow the instructions on the mask and be amazed at your new silky smooth hair afterwards!

    5. Wash it all out! One of the silliest things you can do is to not take care when rinsing your hair after conditioning. The top tip is don't leave any conditioner in your hair, it will only clog things up and effectively undo all of the good work you have done. A good rinse to make sure that all residue is out of your hair will ensure that the conditioner has done its' job properly.

So, now we know... conditioning is important and if you are going to do it, do it properly! Watch this space for our top 5 conditioners of all time...

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