8 February 2010

How To Get Sleek Hair Like Beyonce Knowles in 3 Simple Steps!

There is no denying it, Beyonce, former member of Destiny's Child and current global superstar is a role model for women all over the world. Not only does she possess an amazing voice but she consistently maintains an air of grace a she always looks beautiful. Now, we know that Beyonce probably has a dedicated team of beauty and hair experts following her wherever she goes, but we think we could pass on some tips to help to achieve the 'Beyonce look'.

Inspired by a small artice on how to get the straight hair look we wanted to add some more to it!

Straight Sleek Hair Like Beyonce

  • First of all, you need to brush your hair straight whilst you dry it. We would suggest you use a good hair brush that will work with your style while you do this. Macadamia hair brushes are ideal for this, designed for salon styling they are perfect for the job.

  • Next you need to straighten your hair, but here comes a top hair care tip...never straighten your hair without protecting it first. It is ultra important that you don't damage your hair. The single most common cause of frizzy and unkempt hair is damaged ends, caused 9 times out of 10 by heat styling without protecting your hair. We suggest you protect your hair by using a good quality thermal hair treatment. We would advise using Milkshake No Frizz Glistening Milk. Not only is it designed to tackle the cause of frizz and protect your hair, but it is also made using natural ingredients, so it is completely friendly to your hair.

  • To finish off your sleek Beyonce hair, you need to add some beautiful shine. Shine will make your hair look and feel healthy, as well as dazzling everyone with how sleek your new look is. In our eyes, there really is only one product for the job: No inhibition 12 Wonders. If you are a regular reader, you will know how much we love No inhibition 12 Wonders, it offers so much from just one product AND it is also the ultimate finishing spray for a sleek hair look.

So there you have it. Follow these three simple steps and you can have sleek, smooth hair that looks like Beyonce's. Hope you enjoy and send in pics of your hair to show how successful you have been!

picture by bannanawacky on Flickr - used under creative commons licence


Anonymous said...

im mixed black and white and i have veryyy thick & curly hair it gets pooft even when i hair spray it how do i even manage it help me!

Specialist Hair said...

For your hair we recommend using Macadamia shampoo and nourishing leave in conditioner. Once a week give your hair a treat with macadamia masque. Wash your hair and then apply the mask and leave in for 10-15 minutes or longer if you have the time. When you have dried and styled your hair put a few drops of the macadamia oil into the palms of your hands, rub together and then run your hands through your hair to eliminate any frizz. Use the oil every day in the morning on dry hair to stop the frizz.