1 April 2010

How to Get Hair Like Eva Longoria-Parker (Desperate Housewives)!

How To Get Hair Like Eva Longoria Parker

She might be a desperate housewive, but she isn't desperate for beautiful hair. Eva Longoria-Parker has permenantly perfect hair and we are desperate to find out the secrets behind her great look. So, with Desperate Houswives in full flow at the moment (ooh it's getting good!) we are going to crack open the secrets behind this desperately good hair!

Eva Longoria Parker has beautiful thick, dark and naturally wavy hair. She manages to keep it looking full bodied and her wavy locks look healthy with a beautiful shine and a natural vitality and tone.

  • The Shampoo Stage

    The first thing we need to do is to use an excellent shampoo that will not only cleanse the hair, but add some real body and volume to the hair. There is another key ingredient to this shampoo that we require as well...luxury. Any desperate houswife worth their salt should count the actual experience of using a hair product as important as the end result, and so we have thought up an excellent, luxury shampoo that is not only a joy to use, but will take care of your hair salon style!

    The luxury shampoo we have chosen to use is Milkshake Volume Solution Shampoo. Milkshake is an excellent range of salon shampoo and hair care products. They are designed to be used by professional hair stylists in salons and so, as you can imagine, are excellent quality, if they weren't then there would be lots of salon stylists moaining! Milkshake Volume Solution Shampoo does what it says on the bottle, it adds volume to your hair. Give your hair real body that will turn heads and leave your hair looking and feeling healthy and amazing! The consistency and aroma of this shampoo is wonderful and you will be bathing your hair in the kind of luxury suitable for any housewife, desperate or not!

  • Positive Conditioning!

    Ok, here I go again...conditioning hair is a bit of a speciality for me. As I have said in previous weeks, and I am sure the regular readers amongst you will be sick of hearing this, if you spend money in only one place, spend it on your conditioner. Having worked in the hair care and beauty industry for some time, I have learned that the best and most easy way to ensure that you have beautiful hair is to condition it with a good quality product. If you are looking to make cuts somewhere, make it on the shampoo, but don't sacrifice the conditioner! With that nugget of advice out of the way, we are looking to emulate the beautiful hair of Eva Longoria-Parker (of Desperate Housewives fame!). We have added some excellent volume using your luxury Milkshake shampoo, now we need to make the most of this volume and add some shine to it as well as promoting the hair's volume.

    The conditioner we have chosen to get the Eva Longoria-Parker look is again from the fantastic Milkshake range. If you haven't heard of Milkshake yet, then where have you been!? Just in case you didn't know then Milkshake are a fantastic range of hair products, that originated from Z.One concepts in Italy. Normally we would spend a little more time raving about Milkshake but we will save that for an article of its own, for now we are only interested in a good quality volumising conditioner for hair.

    The Milkshake conditioner we have chosen to use is the Volume Solution Conditioner, the perfect partner for the Milkshake Volume Solution Shampoo, it uses active volumizing ingredients that work with the keratin in your hair to give it a natural boost and leave it feeling silky smooth. As well as this, it is another luxury hair product that will suit you Desperate Housewives out there! We found that using just a modest amount of the Volume Solution Conditioner had some fantastic results. Just work it through your hair after using the partner shampoo and your hair will not only be left volumised but it will have a beautiful, natural shine. 

  • Style and Class!
    We have decided that we want to make this 'hair tutorial' as simple as possible and so we have tried to keep it to three helpful, bitesize stages. As such, we are looking for a hair styler that will take care of the remainder of the task in hand; namely, to get hair just like Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria-Parker. The hair styler we are looking for needs to make the most of your hair's volume as well allowing your to hold those loose curls and waves in place without allowing frizz to spoil the fun.

    It is worth adding here that if you don't have naturally wavey hair (I don't) then you will want to perhaps style it using a curling iron. Now, this is important, make sure you use a styling treatment before using a styling iron, otherwise you will damage your hair. I tend to use Simply Zen Cuticle Redefiner before I style with irons, it protects my hair from damage and promotes the style I am going for! Make sure you only gently cure your hair, we only want loose curls and waves here after-all!

    With that taken care of, I have decided the best thing for the job will be to use a nice hair spray to finish things off. I have chosen to use Milkshake Lifestyling Open Air Hair Spray. This is a hair spray made by Milkshake who are specialists in natural hair care. The fact that this is a Milkshake hair product means that it uses the best ingredients and cares for all hair types.

    To use the hair spray, be gentle with it and spray sparingly until you feel you have achieved the Eva Longoria-Parker look. The Milkshake hair spray will then do all of the hard work to keep your hair beautiful and in place.

So, there you have, now we can all be Desperate Housewives. If you have any questions of need any help feel free to send us a message and we will get our experts to take a look! Please send in your pictures of the results of trying out our guides and we will do our best to feature them in our blogs. We also take requests! Sign up to our e-mailing list and we'll keep you entertained with hairstyle how to's and wonderful hair care advice delivered straight to your inbox! Anyway, what are you still doing here?? Go and do your hair!

The Hair Products We Used in This Guide:

Milkshake Volume Solution Shampoo

Milkshake Volume Solution Conditioner

Simply Zen Cuticle Redefiner Hair Treatment

Milkshake Lifestyling Open Air Hair Spray

Picture by: Guadalajara Used under Creative Commons licence

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