12 April 2010

How To Get Hair Like...Katy Perry!

So, she is all the rage at the moment, she has even made an honest man of Russell Brand, so she must being doing something right. Now, we don't know if her hair has had anything to do with her success, but we certainly love Katy Perry's long, dark locks and we want to crack open the secrets behind her perfect hair. So, without further ado, here is our take on how to get hair as beautiful as Katy Perry's!

  • The One With Shampoo...

    Ok, so with most guides to getting great hair, you are best to start with a clean set of locks, you can't get beutiful hair that isn't properley cleansed beforehand! Katy Perry has consistantly jet black hair that is always full of body and has a shine that draws you in to the deep dark beauty of her hair.

    It is important to take care of your hair colour, esspecially with a style like Katy Perry's that relies on having a consistant deep tone. As such, we decided to use a colour protecting shampoo that would cleanse and moisturise without taking away any of your hair's hue.

    The shampoo we used was the fantastic Milkshake Colour Maintainer Shampoo. Colour Maintainer Shampoo, as the name suggests, protects the colour of your hair whilst you cleanse. Milkshake Hair Products use a mixture of natural ingredients and all of the ones in here are going to be gentle to the colour tones in your hair whilst also leaving you with a natural shine and moisture, it is the only place to start really!

  • What Condition is it in?

    Next we need to sort out a decent conditioner that is going to give your hair the vitality and lift it needs to achieve those effortless, full bodied loose curls that Katy Perry seems to achieve with ease. We need a conditioner that is going to make the most of your hair by adding a bit of oomph and moisture to stop any unwanted frizz.

    We have decided to use Montibello Ultra Rizzo Instant Mask. Ultra Rizzo or Very Curly (in English) is specially developed to add some real body to your hair as well as bringing together some salon professional ingredients that will promote the generation of healthy curls. We also love how this conditioner gives hair an amazing elasticity meaning your curls look like they have a genuine boost in body that is flexible and strong, this conditioner really put a smile on my face!

  • You've Got Style!

    Really, there is only one more stage to achieve the loose curls of Katy Perry. You have washed your hair using a good quality, colour care shampoo and you have bathed it in a luxury conditioner that has set your hair ready for some curls. You will need to now prepare your hair to keep the curls, whether you have natural curls or need to coax them out with a curling iron.

    The product we have chosen as the styling tool for the loose curls look is Milk shake Curl Passion Designer. Milkshake Curl Passion is a specially formulated hair styling product that will work absolute wonders on curly hair styles.

    We simply applied a small amount to damp hair (can be applied to dry hair) and styled it as we wished. The hair was left feeling soft, looking full of body and it had a genuine strength and a lot of bounce in it! Milkshake Curl Passion is also another of my so called 'friendly' hair stlying products that wont ruin your hair in any way and uses really good ingredients that will stop your hair becoming frizzy.

So, there you have it. From flat and lifeless to the Katy Perry, full bodied, loose curls look in three painless steps. Let me know how it goes and we will be back next time with even more good hair advice for you!

The Hair Products We Used:

Milkshake Colour Maintainer Shampoo - £10.10 from milkshakehairproducts.co.uk

Montibello Ultra Rizzo Instant Mask - £12.40 from Specialist Hair Supplies

Milkshake Curl Passion Designer - £12.39 from Specialist Hair Supplies

Picture by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/machechy/ - Used under a Creative Commons Licence.

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