15 April 2010

Specialist Secrets to Youthful Looking Hair!

Everyone wants to look younger these days, nobody wants to look their age and there are lots of people claiming that they have the next 'quick fix' for all of your beauty problems. Well, not to be outdone, we have decided to compile a comprehensive guide to keeping those youthful looks without having to go to extreme lengths, and we will try and do it on the cheap as well! So, here is my jargon free youthful hair guide...

Photo: Nancy Frost

  • Hair Length

    You can see it now, the temptation these days is that the minute you get over a certain age (40ish) you decide that you are not allowed to wear long, beautiful locks. So, rather than keep your long hair you chop it all off in something of an offering to hair gods in the hope that they will grace you with at least some hair on your head for the remainder of your days on this green earth.

    Well, I've got news for you. Hair life doesn't stop at 40 and there are no rules to dealing with your hair at any age. We thing that you should consider your hair length to fit in with a number of things, but not age. We think the length of your hair should be decided on things, like your general style and the shape of your face and other intangible things like that.

    Now I know that this is a very 'airy-fairy' tip but the real wisdom hidden in these words is that you should go and see a trusted hair stylist and they will know exactly what length hair would suit you, listen to them and not the voice in your head saying "cut it off, cut it all off!".

  • Healthy Hair is Healthy Hair!

    A classic journey that many women take everyday is that of the 'road to healthy hair', you can throw as many products and styling irons and hair dryers as you like at your head but at the end of the day there is only one way to look at things; healthy hair is healthy hair, you can't fake it!

    So, with that in mind, I would like to encourage you, my loyal reader, to take a common sense approach to your hair care routine. As I always say, think of the hair care routine in three stages: wash, condition and style. So, with three simple steps in there you can set out with a clear head and find the best way to get healthy hair.

    So, you will need a shampoo. The shampoo you use should be selected specifically to suit the style and type of your hair. Here are some options to get you started: curly hair, straight hair, coloured hair, dry and damaged hair. You get the picture. Basically, you need to choose just for you the shampoo that will suit you best, by all means send me a message and a pic and I will give you a personal advice session!

    So, once you have the shampoo use it as advised on the bottle. There is no need to use too much and there is also no need to under do it either. Just a nice simple aproach will work wonders on stressed out hair and the more relaxed you are about the process the more cared for your hair will look! Be gentle!

    The same goes for conditioners and styling products. I can't really advise everybody what products to use here because it very much depends on your personal needs, but if I was to give you an amazing tip (and best kept secret) I would advise you browse Milkshake Hair Products.

More tips will be coming next week when we scale things down into specific hair types so that you have a specific rescource for your own situation. I would love to see some pics and hear some requests from you guys to get me started so by all means send them in to contactus@milkshakehairproducts.co.uk and I will be sure to include your message!

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