27 June 2010

Professional Hair Care's Top 5 Golden Secrets!

Ok, so looking after your hair seems like fighting a losing battle? It is one bad hair day after another and you are lost for ideas on what to do next. Well, fear not, because help is at hand. We at Specialist Hair have had a meeting on our top 5 exclusive hair care tips and have decided to share them! There are a few basic rules when it comes to hair care, and these rules must be followed if you want to keep a beautiful head of hair. So, in a completely organised fashion I am going to put these secrets into a simple list of '5 golden rules' so that you know exactly where to start when looking after your hair. If you get these right, you are onto a winner!

Our Top 5 Exclusive Pro Hair Care Tips

  • Don't Overwash - Right, so to kick things off we are going to start with this age old tip. Now it might sound like a cliche, or it may seem counter-intuitive but ignore this hair care tip at your peril. It is a simple one, don't wash your hair more often than you need to. Ok, so that sounds vague, so let me put some method behind it.

    As this rather handy hair care tip explains, there is no hard and fast rule for how many times a week you should wash your hair. Within your hair and on your scalp you will find your body's natural oils. When you use shampoo you are at risk of taking away these natural oils and thus causing your body to over compensate when it works the natural oil back into the hair. Too much of this and your hair will become greasy. The trick is to wash only dirt and daily grime build up from your hair, and as such it is advisable not to shampoo more than once every two/three days. It does, of course, depend on your type of hair but generally this golden rule is true across the board.

  • Use The Right Tools! - Hair care product makers spend lots and lots of time slaving over pots of shampoo and conditioner, developing the best concoctions with all types of hair in mind. With all of this expert development going on, there is no reason not to use a hair product that is targetted specifically at your type of hair. That's right, whether you have the most common type of normal hair, or you have completely unique locks, you can bet there is a hair product range just for you. So, stop wasting time with average products, invest a little care when purchasing your products and you will completely get what you pay for! Always wanting to give practical advice, we have decided to give you a little list of ideas depending on hair types to show you how to choose your products!

    For Dry and Damaged Hair - Macadamia Hair Products for dry and damaged hair

    For Coloured Hair - Milkshake Colour Maintainer Hair Products for coloured hair

    For Frizzy Hair - Keratin Complex Hair Products for frizzy hair (now in the UK!!!)

    You get the idea, have a shop around and spend your money wisely!

  • Trim - Yup, looking after your hair means giving it a trim from time to time. We suggest that every 6 (ish) weeks you pop into your local hair salon and get a trim. The reason behind this is to fight split ends. Split ends are one of the top reasons for making hair look tired and dry, so what better way to stop them spoiling your style than just cutting them out? At the same time, take caution not to over cut your hair as this will start to have a negative effect on your hair. Just give your hair a trim from time to time, a simple yet sweet golden secret!

  • Colour With Care - Hair colour is obviously important, but there are two things to keep in mind. One is that you cannot underestimate the power of a professional hair colour expert. Not only will the expert be able to colour your hair without making a mess of things, but they will also be able to take care of colour care rule two: choose your hair colour carefully. There are some colours that you just won't suit, and others that you definately will, get some professional advice and have a good ol' think about it before you colour your hair.

  • Hot Hot Hot! - Heat styling tool are everywhere we look now. You can't move for hair straightening irons these days, and that is ok, as long as you use the tools carefully. Make your hair look and feel great by using a proper heat styling hair product that will work wonders for your hair. Just spray a decent product on to your hair before styling and you will ensure that your hair wont be damaged by the heat and it will also make your hair look and feel amazing, it is a simple step that is definately worth taking!

So, that concludes our Top 5 hair care golden secrets, follow these and your hair will look and feel amazing all of the time! Be sure to spread the word because after all sharing is caring :-)

Picture by Leeni used under a Creative Commons Licence!

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