21 September 2010

A Girls Guide to Naturally Healthy Curls

Do you have naturally curly hair and just don't know how to handle it? Well, with the right advice and the right hair care products you can really start to love your beautiful curls!

Curly hair can either be a dream or a nightmare. If you don't treat it right it will end up being a frizzy mess but if you follow some of these simple steps and use good hair products your curly hair can be a dream! You'll make all the others jealous!

So here are some ways to be kind to your curls:

  • Wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week, no more! Washing your curls too often will just make them more difficult to manage. If you find that your hair is too dry then simply condition it in between washes, either with a regular conditioner or a leave-in conditioner.
  • Don't use hair straighteners/dryers too often as this really will damage your hair. If you do want to straighten your hair then be sure to use a revitalising treatment afterwards or better yet, a damage-prevention product before styling!
  • Sleep on a silk pillow case as this will be far less rough on your curls than a cotton one.
  • Be generous with the products you buy, treat your curls well and use some professional products. These need not cost the earth but they will make such a difference to your curly hair.

Here are some professional hair products for you to try out:

  • Try MOP Hair Defining Cream to give your hair the desired final look. Gently manipulate your curls with this defining cream for the beautiful curls you've always dreamed of!

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Picture by kaibara87 on Flickr, used gratefully under a Creative Commons Licence!

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