19 June 2013

How Macadamia will keep your hair healthy this summer!

In the lead up to summer, there’s an understandable focus on how to protect the skin and combat the negative effects of over exposure to the sun. But what about your hair? Intense heat, UV rays, sea water, chlorine and sand can all expose hair to unwelcome elements that render it dry, brittle, dull and lifeless. It can also impact adversely on colour. Increasing awareness of the effects of summer on your hair and scalp means you can prepare for combat, ensuring your hair remains in perfect condition all summer long!

Hair loves the sun...but how can you protect it against the elements?

We all love spending time in the sun and our hair does too! It accentuates its natural shine and vitality by reflecting light, but we also need to take extra care to offset some of its more negative impacts.
Intense heat and humidity have a drying effect that causes frizziness, flyaway hair that’s difficult to control, whilst sand and sea water can result in tangled unruly hair that needs intense conditioning to restore its beauty and sheen. This is where Macadamia performs its magic!
Macadamia lady, long, straight, shiny blonde hairWith a signature blend of Macadamia seed oil and Argan oil infused throughout the entire collection, Macadamia Natural Oil equips your hair for summer like no other. Proven to be highly beneficial in providing intense hydration, deep nourishment and UV protection, the combined action of natural botanicals with the oils promise results unlikely to have been experienced before. Both inside and out, hair is left luxuriously soft, silky smooth, frizz-free and ultra manageable.
It actively re-establishes equilibrium between the hair and scalp to reveal the hair’s natural, inner beauty as its replenishing, restorative properties yield anti-ageing benefits that render hair vibrant, more youthful and in optimum condition.
Moreover, the protective UV properties found in the range’s special formulation ensure that hair is shielded from sun exposure, while the oil blend seamlessly replenishes the lost natural oils produced by the scalp. With the miraculous Healing Oil treatment leading the way, Macadamia allows you to distribute these essential oils throughout the rest of the hair with a spritz of Healing Oil Spray as it simultaneously scents hair with a distinctive, moreish fragrance, whilst imparting natural shine and a silky smooth finish.

Whatever the effect of summer on your hair, follow Macadamia’s recommended routine and be hair happy every day this summer!

Washing and Deep Conditioning

Protect hair from the build up of chlorine and sea salt by regularly washing with Macadamia’s sulphate-free Rejuvenating Shampoo. This rich and luxurious shampoo will not irritate an already dry scalp as its rejuvenating lather infuses our exclusive oil cocktail to add moisture and protect, replenishing dry and damaged hair to leave it soft, ultra-shiny, light-weight and manageable!
As an innovative alternative, why not try Flawless? This revolutionary subs-free one-step system delivers 6-in-1 benefits to cleanse, condition and refine the hair without the use of surfactants, such as harsh sulphates.
To restore and nourish the mid-lengths use Deep Repair Masque. This 7 minute treatment reconstructs, penetrates and rebuilds damaged hair to give it improved shine, elasticity and eliminate the possibility of dryness, brittleness and split ends. As well as being formulated with the all-important infusion of Macadamia and Argan Oils it’s also rich in Tea Tree and Chamomile to feed the hair all the nourishment and moisture that is often striped away by heat.

Maintenance and frizz control

Infused with Macadamia’s signature oil blend, Healing Oil Treatment softens, smoothes and renders hair rejuvenated and iridescent making split-ends a thing of the past. For extra nourishment, spritz hair throughout the day with Healing Oil Spray – a fine mist which protects from UV rays.
Summer humidity can leave hair frizzy and suffering from fly-aways. The oils and proteins in Reviving Curl Cream work in synergy to revive hair and deliver intense nourishment whilst also strengthening from the inside out. Moisture is locked in and humidity disappears; whilst the effect on texture is something to behold! Curls, waves and textures are noticeably defined and accentuated whilst, frizz and flyaway hair is controlled.
Chlorine and sea salt often cause hair to become tangled and almost impossible to brush through. Applying No-Tangle Pre-styler is crucial to de-tangle hair without pulling or breaking. Simply spray onto the tangles of towel dried hair and comb to leave hair sensationally soft, nourished and with improved elasticity. Don’t forget, for the ultimate travel companion
Macatravelgroupwhen jetting off on holiday, take Macadamia’s travel kit... The ultimate hair care regime in a nifty, stylish and conveniently compact travel bag. This also features the ingenious Healing Oil-Infused comb so you can stroke through Macadamia’s oil concoction through your hair as you groom.

Links to the Macadamia products:

Flawless 250ml: £25.75
Healing Oil Spray 125ml: £23.50 60ml: £14.90
Healing Oil Treatment 125ml: £28.09, 10ml: £5.36
Travel Kit: £45.00
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