18 June 2013

Summer hair colour trends (yes, it's still summer)!!

Hair Colour

The Ombre

What's taking off right now is of course the hair ombre! Increasing in popularity daily, what is a movement of colour across the hair in which the colour is graduated from light to dark.
Platinum blonde to pastel pink hair ombre colour style; acheived using milkshake direct coloursIt is low maintenance and certainly makes life easier for us ladies who want to grow out their hair colour whilst maintaining an air of distinction. Don't let that fool you though, this hair color style is versatile, adaptability is what sets this trend apart! In fact, you can choose how many colours you want to add, where you want to add them and the gradient of change in between them. To change hair colour completely isn't out of the question either and there are some really good variations out there. I particularly like those using bold bright colours, those using platinum and pastel tones and similarly those that are using contrasting natural hair colours, don't be afraid to show your roots! Click here to have a little look at some of the best Ombr├ęs we've found!

The Balayage

If you prefer a more natural style of colour a subtle balayage could be for you. What is the sister trend to the hair ombre the balayage can offer you something more in terms of subtlety with nothing sacrificed in terms of eye catching style. Balayage comes from the french verb to sweep, so therefore balayage refers to a gentle sweeping of hair colour change. A change in hair colour from dark hair to light hair in an effect created by your stylist to represent the natural lightening effects that the suns rays have on your hair. The natural sun kissed hair color style is achieved by painting the colour onto the hair vertically and thus avoiding the harsh contrasting lines achieved by the ombre hair style. Click here to see some beautiful examples of balayage hair colour change.
Photo: Keke Palmer

Whether you go for a subtle balayage or a large tonal shift in colour with an ombre or you opt for some seriously cool pastel tones I would advise you to get it done professionally. Hair dye accidents can be costly, they can also be very damaging to the natural condition of your hair and they will always be expensive to correct. So ladies, please seek help and get it done right.

Summer colour 

We have it on good authority that the colour of the summer is going to be... well, if it looks good and you can rock it then; it's going to be pretty much any colour that you fancy! So go out and get exploring those colour charts! 

The wonderful thing about hair dye today is that there is a vast amount of semi permanent colours available on the market place, so if you fancy trying a trend, before you commit then just talk to your stylist. They will be very willing to help you. Semi permanent dyes colour the cuticle rather than penetrating it as they use low levels of developer, peroxide or ammonia and are therefore safer for damaged or fragile hair. Ask your stylist for the Milkshake direct colour range that now includes 6 stunning new shades: Pink, Lilac, Blue, Petrol green Yellow and Grey. (As you may already know, we're big fans!)

For longer lasting colour use Montibello Chroma Colour protecting spray is a protecting texturiser that contains active ingredients that uphold the internal moisture of the hair, so maintaining its flexibility, elasticity and shine. Chroma colour protecting spray also contains a UVA-UVB sun filter that protects against unwanted fading and weathering of the hair.

Make your colour last longer by taking extra care of your hair whilst washing and conditioning with Keratin Complex Colour Care Shampoo 400ml and Keratin Complex Colour Care Condtioner 400ml . Keratin Colour Care shampoo has been made specially to care for coloured hair by using a special mixture of ingredients developed to strip your hair of drit and grime without stripping your hair of its colour, whilst the Colour Care conditioner is gentle on the colour of your hair whilst it smooths out unwanted frizz and detangles your hair with amazing professional results. 

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